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Pet Travel 

 The requirements for pets travelling to another country are very specific and different for each country. As a pet owner, you must plan ahead to ensure you have enough time to meet any testing, vaccination or treatment requirements and obtain the necessary certifications. Some countries may also require owners to obtain an import permit in addition to an export certificate. All official documents must be completed accurately. Our staff (including the veterinarians) do not possess export knowledge for specific countries. We ask you do your own due dilligence regarding the export of your pet.   

Below are some basic export guidelines:

*** Before scheduling travel with your pet, we advise that you check the timing and requirements for the country you are planning to travel to. 

*** Check which vaccinations are required for export. The timing of vaccinations is the pet owners responsibility. Many countries have specific requirements for the timing of vaccinations such as RABIES vaccination prior to entry.

*** Check which additional treatments your pet may require, including the specific dates the country of export requires for those treatments ((such as internal (worming) and external (flea and tick) parasite control)).

*** Many countries require a microchip to be implanted or scanned, prior to rabies vaccination

*** Most export documents of pets require endorsement of the document by an OV - Official Veterinarian. (An OV is not a standard veterinarian, but a government veterinarian that deals with the officiating of documents for pet export). An official veterinarian from the Canadian food and inspection agency may need to verify and endorse your documents. We advise that you check the timing of endorsement when starting the planning of export. The current CFIA link for pet export can be found below. If your document requires OV endorsement, you will need to make an appointment with the OV, in advance.


PLEASE SEE THE CFIA's website below to look for documentation and general information for the export of your pet:

*** We understand the process of export requires careful planning and timing. If you find the process complicated, we suggest you contact a company which will deal with the planning of export of your pet for you. We do not take responsibility for, nor can we endorse specific export companies. 


For example:

Worldwide animal travel -

***Please note that we expect you to bring any documents you think we need to endorse. In order to expedite the process and reduce your cost of veterinary endorsement, we ask that you fill in all relevant fields in the document (such as your details and your pets details). Please note that most countries require the document to be filled in BLOCK CAPITALS with blue/red ink.  If the relevant fields (such as owner and pet details are not filled in, we reserve the right to charge additional fees to fill in this document for you). If your document does not print out properly on A4 paper, it likely requires LEGAL paper (a longer paper). 


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